Certificates of Deposit

Excess cash of a $500 or more?

With competitive rates and a variety of terms, our CD’s offer a safe and secure way to save your money. Whether your objective is short or long term, these dependable performers are a smart choice for savers looking for a higher rate without the risk to principal. An extra bonus to our larger depositors – earn an extra 0.25% when your CD balance is $98,000 or higher! And something else that’s quite valuable: peace of mind.


  • A guaranteed interest rate is earned for the selected term
  • Flexible terms - anywhere from six months to four years
  • Step-Up feature for certain terms – when rates rise, you have to option to request a one-time increase in the rate of your CD
  • Automatic renewals
  • FDIC Insured to the maximum permitted by law
  • Penalty for early withdrawal. See account disclosures for additional information 


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